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Live in Katsrin

Living in Katsrin

Katsrin, the capital of the Golan Heights, is situated between the Zavitan stream and the Hexagon stream.  People, Nature and Development

To the east is the urban and residential zone, which includes cultural facilities, entertainment, leisure and sports;  a commercial zone; public institutions; and the Education Quarter.

 To the south, is the local market, next to the football field is the Nature Society’s field school, petting zoo, Mikalov park, and a branch of the community center; the Hatzavim promenade, and the Gur lookout.

Running east to west, The Hermon promenade and bicycle path leads to the industrial zone and  runs perpendicular to the Ancient Katsrin Park which frequently hosts concerts and various performances in the summer, spring and fall.

A tourist and commercial center connects the town to the industrial part, which houses many factories – some of which are world renown.  For example the Golan Winery, Eden mineral water, GGA genetic laboratories, the  Golan Brewery, the Olive press and oil producer, and Escape rooms.

Katsrin is known for its inter-municipality cooperation, outstanding school system from newborn to college – the schools are well known among other things, for students’  excellent test scores as well for its excellent facilities and caring staff.

Katsrin’s central location, in the center of the Golan Heights, is central to the entire area and brings many tourists and visitors.

Approximately 8000 residents live in Katsrin, 30% of which are new immigrants, who enjoy the life of a small community with a country atmosphere, a modern clean Green city, beautiful grounds and gardens, environmental sculpture, ancient artifacts, groves of trees  and playgrounds.

All this makes Katsrin a town which is a joy to live in and visit.