Dear Parents

Today we are faced with a new and unfamiliar reality, which produces a lot of uncertainty. The current situation raises a lot of emotions, feelings, thoughts and questions in all of us, as people in general and as parents in particular.

We, the employees of the Katzrin Psychological-Educational Aid Center, want to help you find answers to all your questions and provide professional support for you and your children. In this questionnaire we want to hear from you, in order to understand you specific needs so we can help you the best possible way. The questionnaire is anonymous.

Sincerely, The staff of the Katzrin Psychological-Educational Aid Center: Ronit Efraim, Lorena Jaffe-Gabay, Renata Cohen.

Age of the parents * שדה חובה
The number of children who are presently at home with you * שדה חובה
Age of the children * שדה חובה
Do any of your children attend a special needs class/group/school? * שדה חובה
Over the past two weeks, how often have you experienced the following feelings as a parent? * שדה חובה
ניתן לבחור יותר מרגש אחד

To tailor our psychological services to your needs, we would be glad if you answered, how you would like to receive this help:

• In the form of printed materials on the topic: "How to conduct yourself in difficult * שדה חובה
• Individual consultations by phone * שדה חובה
• Receive answers to your questions from the psychological aid service team in a WhatsApp group * שדה חובה
Which topics would you like us to focus on: * שדה חובה
you can choose more then one

Thank you for your cooperation,

The psychological-educational service team Ronit Ephraim, Lorna Yaffe-Gabay and Renata Cohen